Fun Factory LayaSpot Personal Massager


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Fun Factory LayaSpot Personal Massager

LayaSpot – Sometimes It is all on one surface

The battery-operated LayaSpot is a multi-faceted lay-on vibrator that promises relaxation for the whole body. Whether used for an arousing nipple massage, foreplay for couples, to relax a tense neck, or to stimulate the clitoris to climax – the LayaSpot is perfect for almost every desire. The quiet yet powerful motor pleasures with eight vibration levels and three vibration programs.

Key Features:

Personal massager for both genders. Excellent head massager.
Male sex toy- idealy as a testicle massager
Couples sex toy- place it around the genitals during oral sex
Lay-on vibrator
Spot-on external stimulation
Multi-tasking ability
Powerful, quiet & long-lasting motor
Easy operation
Touch buttons
Battery operated – 2 AAA batteries
8 vibration levels
3 vibration program
Size: 10,5 cm
Made in Germany

The bright and colorful lay-on vibrator LayaSpot stimulates by touching, massaging and “laying-on” the body s external erogenous zones. The battery operated erotic toy for women can be used in a variety of ways. Best is when couples try out the LayaSpot together for an erotic interlude and give their shared passion that little extra kick.

The vibration levels of the LayaSpot can be adapted to every desire so each erogenous zone on the body is stimulated exactly to a woman s desire. Sometimes gentle, or a little more persuasive, or a bit less intense. Three arousing vibration programs using varying vibration impulses deliver variation and pleasant stimulation. LayaSpot pampers the clitoris spot-on so it is perfect for women who usually experience a clitoral climax.

Enjoy this sensuous massage alone or as a couple. The handy and ergonomically shaped vibrator LayaSpot adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. The quietly humming motor promises the perfect vibrations at the right moment.

LayaSpot is battery operated, very long-lasting and the perfect toy for gentle to strong stimulations on your favorite spot.

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

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